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100 Days of Gratitude-Day 3

Today, I'm thankful for my dog.

He was shibainu and 15 years old.
At first, he was my grandfather's dog but he lived with us for 10 years.



He was such a gentle, not-so-friendly, and quiet dog.


When he went for a walk, everyone smiled at him.
He made everyone smile and feel warm.


Everyone loved him even though he wasn't really friendly to anyone.

He loved eating like me!
He hated being taken a picture.
He didn't like other dogs especially the small ones burking at him.
He hated the vet but they loved him.
He didn't like to be brushed.
He didn't like our cats very much but Sakurako loved him.


He loved my grandpa.
So I'm happy that he can be with him over the rainbow bridge.
But I miss him so much.

He taught me many things.
I leaned how to be content,
give without expectation,
live our own life,
unconditional love,
and many more that I can't even write.


I believe we choose our lives when we are born.
So, it was meant to have had life with him.


Words cannot express how grateful I have had him.


So, today, Day 3, I'm very thankful for my dog, Taiyo.